Participation in Workshop on Hazard Analysis

Research lines 1, 2 and 3 of CIGIDEN have organized a Workshop on Hazard Analysis. Some of our investigators will participate in the event. The workshop will be next in March 15th, at Campus San Joaquín, Sala Luis Crisosto at 9 am.

The presentations will be

Jorge Crempien – Correlations, GMPE y Strong Motion
Gabriel Candia – Spectral and spatial correlation
Claudio Fernández – Strong motion simulation
Catalina Fortuño (presented by Juan Carlos de la Llera) – Uncertainty in design
Roberto Benavente – Uncertainty estimation in tsunami initial condition
Paula Aguirre – InSAR inversion
Patricio Catalán – Inversion of tsunami
Juan González – Seismic and tsunami scenarios for north Chile
Ranjit Das – Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis
Natalia Zamora – Probabilistic tsunami hazard analysis
Alejandro Urrutia – Tsunami modeling capacities


Some pictures of the event

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