Participation in ACHISINA 2019

We are pleased to inform that SIBER-RISK will be present in the XII Chilean Conference on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, the days 3, 4 and 5 of April. The following works have been accepted and will be presented in Valdivia:

ID: 1574 – Hidden Markov models for estimating the restoration of interdependent infrastructure systems (M. Monsalve and J.C. de la Llera)

ID: 1576 – A comprehensive design methodology for supplemental seismic protection (J.P. Muñoz, J.C. de la Llera and J.J. Besa)

ID: 1584 – Double pushover analysis of a RC wall building subjected to earthquake and tsunami in sequence (S. Tagle, R. Jünemann, J.A. Vásquez and J.C. de la Llera)

ID: 1588 – Evaluación de la probabilidad de colapso de un edificio de oficinas Chileno de hormigón armado debido a actividad sísmica (G. Araya-Letelier, P.F. Parra, D. López-García, A. García-Valdes, G. Candia and R. Lagos)

ID: 1592 – Epistemic uncertainty of plane-stress continuum concrete models (M. Chacón, J.C. de la Llera, M.A. Hube and D. Celentano)

ID: 1605 – Earthquake damage assessment of reinforced concrete wall buildings using inelastic models (J.A. Vásquez, R. Jünemann, J.C. de la Llera, M.A. Hube and S. Tagle)

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